Short Endurance

This is an endurance championship with 4 races of 2 hours.
These races need to be riden with a maximum of 2 riders. 3 mandatory pitstops have to be done. 
An event consists of 5 qualification sessions of 20 minutes and an endurance race of 120 minutes with a rolling start.
All races are done on Thursdays at Circuit Zolder without noise limitation.

Two main groups: SUPERBIKE and SUPERSPORT

The price is €490 per race or €1,840 for the entire season. These prices are for the whole team, including rental of transponders, training sessions and the races. Pit boxes can be rented for €75 per day per box. 
You can find all rules here:

Reglement Nederlands
Règlements français

Regeln und Vorschriften Deutsch


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SHORT ENDURANCE - 20-10-2022 490,00 Available.
SHORT ENDURANCE - 22-09-2022 490,00 Available.
SHORT ENDURANCE - 25-08-2022 490,00 Available.
SHORT ENDURANCE - 28-04-2022 490,00 Available.