Advanced Circuit Training (formerly Niveau 1+)

The next step in our circuit training is for motorcyclists who have already completed our Basic Circuit Training or have a very sporty riding style. The aim of this track training is to prepare our course participants to ride free on the track in a smooth and safe way.

The concept is based on that of our Basic Circuit Training, but the pace is increased. 

The day consists of 5 track sessions, interspersed with 3 theory sessions. 

We first drive 3 track sessions under the guidance of 1 instructor per group of 5 trainees. For the last 2 sessions, our instructors will pull the groups up to speed for two laps, after which the trainees can ride on their own. 

For Advanced Circuit Training, we assume that each participant has already mastered the basics of circuit riding.
The focus is on refining driving lines and viewing technique, focusing on braking points and overtaking other participants.

You must have a leather suit (one- or two-piece) to participate and we recommend the use of a back protector. A textile motorbike suit and jeans will not be allowed.