Niveau 1+

Even if after level 1 you can get a little more sporty with your bike around the track, most don't feel completely comfortable taking part in the free riding.
De niveau1+ cursus is daarom DE ideale voorbereiding op het vrij rijden. Het concept is gebaseerd op dat van niveau 1 maar het tempo wordt wat opgetrokken. All circuit sessions are always ridden under the supervision of 1 instructor per group of 10 riders. 

Here too there are 5 circuit sessions that are alternated with 3 theory sessions. The first 3 sessions are ridden WITH an instructor and the last 2 sessions WITHOUT an instructor… so really free driving. The instructors will of course remain available to all riders throughout the day.

The level 1+ course is therefore THE ideal preparation for free driving. The concept is based on that of level 1. For the level 1+ course we assume that every participant has mastered the basics of circuit driving as taught during level 1. but the pace is slightly increased.
During level 1+ we emphasize on fine-tuning the driving lines, focusing on the braking points and overtaking other participants.

You must have a leather suit (one or two piece) to participate. Gore-Tex and jeans are not allowed. We do recommend the use of a back protector.