Free Driving Circuit Zolder

There is absolute engine silence in the paddock of the Circuit Zolder until 09.00 a.m., from 12.00 a.m. to 13.00 p.m. and after 17.00 p.m. From the moment you have completed the technical check, place your motorcycle in the paddock and respect u the engine silence. Violations of this rule will be penalized by disqualification from the event.

On the Zolder circuit, days of free driving are divided into 2 different types.

  • Free driving with noise reduction: during these days all motorcycles must be equipped with an original exhaust or an exhaust with dB-killer.
  •  Free driving with open exhausts: During these days there is no noise limit, although small GP mufflers are not allowed.

All laps are timed during the free driving days. Based on these times, the participants can be changed groups. In this way we arrive at balanced groups in which the mutual time differences are not too great.


Free Driving Circuit METTET

Only motorcycles with 98 DB or exhausts with DB killer are allowed on these days.


Free Driving Circuit Zandvoort

 Only motorcycles with 98 DB or exhausts with DB killer are allowed on these days.



Registration for one of our track days must be done via the internet.
On all track days, groups “Less fast” and “Fast” are provided for free driving. Beginner groups are also available on some days
Registrations start at 7 am in box 34-35. Then this administrative registration you need to inspect your motorcycle.

220V is available in the paddock (provide a blue camping plug).

The night before the event you can spend the night in the paddock.

There is a petrol station in the Zolder paddock. It only works with a payment card. In Mettet there is no petrol station in the paddock, but just outside the circuit, on the public road.

On the Zolder circuit you can enjoy a snack and a drink in the OTO-Bar, in the paddock.

A restaurant is also available in Mettet.

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