Niveau 1

Have you always dreamed of driving your motorcycle on a track, but you don't really dare? Then level 1 is made for you.

During a full day on the track, we teach you the basics of sporty motorcycling. All this, of course, in the safest conditions.

We start with a briefing in the morning and then get ready for the first of a total of 5 sessions of circuit driving. These circuit sessions are interspersed with 3 theory sessions where the emphasis is on riding position on the bike, driving lines and braking technique.

All circuit sessions are always ridden under the supervision of 1 instructor per group of 10 riders. This also gives the instructors the opportunity to already share some individual findings with the participants in level 1

During these days we allow a gore-tex suit that can be zipped together. We do recommend a leather suit with back protector. Jeans are not allowed.


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