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Whether you want to start at the basics or are already an experienced track driver, Motorsportschool Zolder has the course for you.

Our course package starts at level 1 for the novice rider or for the motorcyclist who wants to get a taste of cycling in safe conditions.
We are further expanding our courses to level 1+ where you can already taste free driving.


Have you always dreamed of driving your motorcycle on a track, but you don't really dare? Then level 1 is made for you.

During a full day on the track, we will teach you the basics of sporty motorcycling. All this, of course, in the safest circumstances.

We start with a briefing in the morning and then get ready for the first of a total of 5 sessions of track driving. These circuit sessions are alternated with 3 theory sessions where the emphasis is on sitting position on the bike, driving lines and braking technique.

All circuit sessions are always driven under the guidance of 2 instructors per group of 10 riders. This also allows the instructors to share some individual findings with the level 1 participants

During these days we allow a gore-tex suit that can be zipped together. We do recommend a leather suit with back protector. Jeans are not allowed.


LEVEL 1+ Attic

Even if after level 1 you can be a little more sporty with your bike on the track, most of them still don't feel completely comfortable taking part in free driving.
The level 1 + course is therefore THE ideal preparation for free driving. The concept is based on that of level 1 but the pace is increased a bit.

Here, too, there are 5 circuit sessions that are alternated with 3 theory sessions. The first 3 sessions are driven WITH an instructor and the last 2 sessions WITHOUT an instructor… so really free driving. The instructors will of course remain available to all riders all day long.
For the level 1+ course we assume that every participant has mastered the basics of track driving as taught during level 1.
During level 1+ we focus on fine-tuning the driving lines, focusing on the braking points and overtaking other participants.
You must have a leather suit (one- or two-piece) to participate. Gore Tex and jeans are not allowed. We do recommend the use of a back protector.

After a level 1 and 1+ course you can get started with free driving less quickly. Here you will expand your accumulated experience even further and try to apply what you have learned.

Do you notice that you have reached your limit and do you still want to learn? Then we are ready for you with level 2.
Here the emphasis is on more individual guidance and the instructors ensure that you get an answer to your questions.

LEVEL 2 Attic

If you ride in the slower group during free riding and you want to improve your driving style and your lap times, you should follow level 2.
You will be assigned one instructor per 5 riders who will accompany you all day long and advise and assist you.
During level 2 there are 5 sessions of 20 minutes on the track.

Since the groups are much smaller, the instructors' directions during Level 2 are much more personalized. This will allow you to progress even faster.

Most participants in this course can then switch to the fast group of free driving.


You must have a leather suit (one- or two-piece) to participate. Gore Tex and jeans are not allowed. We do recommend the use of a back protector.




Level 2 is not the final stop. Do you already have some experience on the track or are you even someone who occasionally competes in a race, you can expand your knowledge even further during an ART course. Here, our race pilots ensure that you can update the latest details in small groups.

Advanced Riding Training (ART)

The Advanced Riding Training is for the drivers who normally ride in the fast group of free riding or who already participate in our races or other competitions.

Do you want to improve your time significantly, brake much later and even faster on the gas? Are you tired of the other rider on the same bike being slightly faster than you ... then you have to follow the ART!

Ideally you must be able to do laps in less than 1'55 '' to participate in the ART.

Small groups are created that also go on the track for 5 sessions of 20 minutes.

Wim Van de Broeck, Nicky Dewit, Bastien Mackels, Pepijn Bijsterbosch are some of the TOP instructors who will take care of you in ART.

You must have a leather suit (one- or two-piece) to participate. Gore Tex and jeans are not allowed. We do recommend the use of a back protector.




Private coaching

From 2020, the Motorsport School wants to go one step further in its program of training.
During the days Level 2 and ART we offer the possibility to book private coaching.

Here we start from the same basis that we have been applying for years, namely learning to drive better, faster and safer on the track.
The advantage of Private Coaching? You have the option to have the instructor completely to you all day long. No peer pressure or fear to ask questions. The instructor can focus on you and you can raise your problems on the circuit during the day.
This means that we can achieve more in improving your lines and sitting posture.

Depending on your level, we work through a program during the day. Whether you drive 1.45 or want to break that magical 2-minute limit at Zolder, everything is possible. It is important that you indicate what your goals are.

During the days Level 2 / ART we are on the track with a limited group, so that we have time and space to work at different points during each session. During the 5 sessions of the day we look at the following points:

  • Sitting position and moving on the bike
  • Viewing technique
  • Cornering technology
  • Driving style
  • Acceleration and braking
  • Individual questions

The Private instructor has a camera available on the motorbike that can record the sessions. We can film you driving behind you, or film you driving in front of you. Or we mount the camera on your motorcycle

After each session we view images and we go deeper into your questions or problems on the track.

You can book the coaching individually or together with friends (max 3 people per group) and costs 1.200 eur per day.

You will receive images at the end of the day.

We provide a separate place in the pit box and water and lunch for the student.

You must have a leather suit (one or two pieces) to participate. We do recommend the use of a back protector.

Coaching under 1.40 in Zolder is not yet offered.

If you would like private coaching on other days (for example during level 1+), please email to

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