Our Basic Circuit Training is for motorcyclists with riding experience, but who have never ridden on a circuit.

During this course day, we teach you the basics of circuit riding, obviously in the safest possible conditions.

We start this track day with a comprehensive briefing, then get ready for the first of a total of 5 sessions of 20min track riding. The track sessions are interspersed with 3 blocks of theory where we explain a bit more about sitting position on the bike, riding lines, braking technique, viewing technique, ...

All track sessions are supervised by 2 instructors per group of 10 students. This allows the instructors to share individual findings with the students in their group after each session.

In terms of equipment, we allow a textile motorbike suit, if it can be zipped together. We do recommend a leather motorbike suit with a back protector. Jeans are not allowed. The Basic Circuit Training is only open to motorbikes +500cc.

The next step in our circuit training is for motorcyclists who have already completed our Basic Circuit Training or have a very sporty riding style. The aim of this track training is to prepare our course participants to ride free on the track in a smooth and safe way.

The concept is based on that of our Basic Circuit Training, but the pace is increased. 

The day consists of 5 track sessions, interspersed with 3 theory sessions.

We first drive 3 track sessions under the guidance of 1 instructor per group of 5 trainees. For the last 2 sessions, our instructors will pull the groups up to speed for two laps, after which the trainees can ride on their own.

For Advanced Circuit Training, we assume that each participant has already mastered the basics of circuit riding.
The focus is on refining driving lines and viewing technique, focusing on braking points and overtaking other participants.

You must have a leather suit (one- or two-piece) to participate and we recommend the use of a back protector. A textile motorbike suit and jeans will not be allowed.

This circuit training is for track riders who followed our Advanced Circuit Training, have applied the techniques learned during a day of free riding "less fast" and want to evolve towards the group free riding "fast"!

Per group of maximum 5 students, one instructor will be assigned who will guide and advise you throughout the day. Each group also has a double pit box at its disposal where the motorbikes are set up.
Thanks to the small groups, the interaction between course members and the instructor's more personal instructions, all course members will improve much faster during 5 sessions of 20 minutes.

This means that most participants of this course can then move on to the fast group of free riding.

You must have a leather suit (one- or two-piece) to participate and we recommend the use of a back protector. A textile motorbike suit and jeans will not be allowed.

From 2020, the Motorsport School wants to go one step further in its training program.
During the Level 2 and ART days, we offer the possibility to book private coaching.

We start here from the same basis that we have been applying for years, namely learning to drive better, faster and safer on the track.
The advantage of Private Coaching? You have the option to have the instructor all to you for the entire day. No peer pressure or fear of asking questions. The instructor can focus on you and you can discuss your problems on the track during the day.
This means that we can achieve more in improving your lines and sitting posture.

Depending on your level, we work through a program during the day. Whether you drive 1.45, or want to break that magical 2-minute barrier at Zolder, everything is possible. It is important that you state what your goals are.

During the Level 2 / ART days we are on the track with a limited group, so that we have space and time during each session to work at different points. During the 5 sessions of the day we look at the following points:

  • Sitting position and moving on the motorbike
  • Viewing technique
  • Cornering technique
  • Driving style
  • Acceleration and braking
  • Individual questions

The Private instructor has a camera available on the motorcycle that can record the sessions. We can film you driving behind you, or film driving ahead of you. Or we mount the camera on your motorcycle

After each session we look at images and go deeper into your questions or problems on the track.

You can book the coaching individually or together with friends (max 3 people per group) and costs 1,200 eur per day.

You will receive visual material at the end of the day.

We provide the student with a separate place in the pit box and water and lunch.

You must have a leather suit (one or two piece) to participate. We do recommend the use of a back protector.

Coaching below 1.40 in the attic is not yet offered.

Do you want private coaching on other days (for example during level 1 +) please email to