What about the exhausts now?

Engines must be equipped with 98 DB or exhausts with dB killer.
During Thursdays in Zolder, open outlets are allowed, but we also ask to keep it a bit decent. Exhausts type GP silencer will also be refused.

What profile and tire pressure is required on the track?

Tread tires must have a profile of at least 1,5mm depth over the entire tread. For track use, reduce your tire pressure to 2,2 BAR at the front and 2,0 BAR at the rear. If you drive back home with the motorcycle, do not forget to increase the tire pressure. There is always a tire service available during track days. Purchase of Pirelli tires at a very competitive price is possible.

And what kind of brake pads?

Brake pads must have a friction layer or lining of at least 2mm. Motorcycles must have a rear brake.

I have heard that bent or broken brake levers will be rejected from now on?

The motorcycle brake lever must not be damaged or bent. After all, you wouldn't be the first to just squeeze his previously damaged brake lever during a braking maneuver…!
And believe me… that's something you don't want to experience. Even if your brake lever is only bent, the strength of the material is still affected, which can result in a break.

Is a leather suit mandatory?

• Full face helmet is highly recommended. Jet helmets are refused.
• Leather motorcycle boots recommended. Low baskets will be refused.
• Leather gloves compulsory.
• Back protector highly recommended. It's a shame if you drive without it. Back protectors are for sale at the race shop on the circuit for 60 €.
• Leather suit is highly recommended. If your suit consists of 2 parts, make sure you can zip the 2 parts together.
• Nylon clothing is allowed, but it must be properly protected. Here too, pants and vest must be zipped together.
• Jeans, even with reinforcements, will be rejected.

Can I be helped in the event of a fall or a technical defect?

A technical service is available on all days in Zolder. These guys can always help you.
Of course they cannot perform miracles.
There is also always a small shop where the boys sell brake pads, brake levers, back protectors, knee sliders, oil,….

Can I get something to eat or drink on the track?

During the days of the Motorsportschool Zolder, the OTO-BAR is always open. You can go there in the morning from 7 am for a cup of coffee or a sandwich. In the afternoon, all participants receive a free drink with lunch.

Is there a possibility to refuel on the track?

There is a petrol station in the paddock of Circuit Zolder that has been equipped with a bank contact since this year.

Do I have to pay attention to anything before coming to the track?

In addition to the questions discussed above, one more thing: engines with oil or water leaks will be refused for the technical inspection. Make sure your motorcycle is in order!


Motorcycling is a risky hobby, especially on public roads. Always make sure you wear safe motorcycle clothing.

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