Dear friend,


We are getting ready for a new year of Motorsportschool Zolder. A motorsport year in which we are obliged to change a lot.

At most circuits, living with the neighborhood becomes more and more difficult. This year in motocross, they already closed the Honda Park in Balen and the circuit in Lommel after complaints from the neighborhood.

In Zolder we have not come this far yet. But at the request of, and in consultation with the neighborhood we have had to seriously constrain our activities to still be able to obtain a permit. For example, we had to halve the number of days with a 98 dB(A) limit. In other terms, this means that we have 13 Motorsportschool 98 dB(A) days instead of 25! Moreover, we can no longer offer Saturdays and Sundays.

Last year we already intervened in the number of riders allowed per session and we went to a maximum of 55 riders, however, as of this year there will be an even more drastic reduction. The advantage for most riders is that we only have a maximum of 40 riders on the track at a time. So it becomes less busy and safer... In and of itself, fewer riders on the track is always better, but this obviously has an impact on the price, which we will have to increase for 2022.

Of course it goes without saying that we are not going to cut costs on safety. A full safety module will stay available on all Motorsportschool days as it has always been.

The way of working and the services of Motorsportschool Zolder will change for the better. We will strive to continue offering the quality that the Motorsportschool has guaranteed for almost 25 years. Our services such as the courses will be adjusted, but we will come back to this in a later newsletter.

For the time being, nothing will change for Thursdays. These will mainly be used for the races of the Short Endurance and the Van Zon Sprint Series. Of course interspersed with sessions of free riding.

We are also going to restyle the administration so that we have fewer frustrations than last year where the administration has not always gone smoothly.

We try to have all the dates online from December 15th and we will certainly give you a call as soon as we are ready to register bookings.


Kind regards

Hans Van de Ven en het gans Motorsportschool Zolder Team