Dear track fan

We are proud to launch our calendar for the upcoming 2021 season!

2020 was a year in which Covid was central, but we were able to finish a good season all in all. The closed borders and the ban on staying overnight in the paddock have not made it any easier. Moreover, with the introduction of the new website, there were some minor problems and the mail traffic did not always come through well, but we have worked hard on that so that these problems are now gone. The most important thing is that, thanks to the efforts of everyone and the enthusiasm of our customers, we were able to make it a great corona proof season, of course we want to continue this in 2021! We are committed to organizing this in safe conditions.

Our kick-off will take place on Saturday 20 March 2021. This is the best opportunity to awaken the engine (and pilot) from its hibernation.

Voor 2021 kunnen we al deze belangrijkste punten meedelen :

  • We stick to the groups of maximum 55 riders. This has given increased safety in 2021 and we want to continue this.
  • We will stick to our system of dividing groups based on lap times. It is therefore certainly important to enter your lap time when you register on the site. During the track day we do a redistribution based on realized lap times.
  • On April 1 and June 17 we organize training days for license holders where a maximum of 35 riders are admitted per group.
  • On April 1st we also have a group reserved for 300CC and Twin riders also with a maximum of 35 riders on the track
  • During our courses we provide free water and coffee for all students and we will propose a renewed Motorsport School pit box.
  • BMW Motorrad Belgium confirmed its partnership for 2021. Want to see the new BMW M S1000RR at work? Then come and have a look at our course days.
  • The test drives with the S1000RR, the S1000R and the S1000XR will also be put online soon.
  • Our Ladies Only was so well received that we are now even organizing it twice. We expect our ladies in Zolder on May 31 and July 30.


More news about specific events and our race calendar will follow in later news releases.

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We wish you a happy new year and see you on one of our trackdays


The Motorsportschool Team