Dear Racer

Finally we can start with our racing series. As already announced, we are working together with Motorsport Vlaanderen this year to make our racing series (sprint and endurance) even better.

We have been able to draw up a nice calendar for this year with sprint races on a Saturday with open exhaust as the pinnacle. And a 500km race on September 3rd. 3 + 4 + 5 September will therefore be high days for the sport.

Below the calendar, but for registrations and more info you can visit our race website
From Sun Sprint
Thursday 23/7
Thursday 27/8
Saturday! 05/9

Thursday 13/8 2 hour race
Thursday 03/9 - 500KM race
Thursday 17/9 2 hour race

If you have already booked for Corona, we will send you an email separately with how we transfer everything.

Let the race begin!


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