Dear friend


To start, I would like to wish you all the best for 2022 and lots of happy and safe kilometers in the upcoming season on track.

As you may have noticed, the dates for 2022 are out. Even without this newsletter there have been a massive influx of registrations which we thoroughly appreciate. There are, as per my last newsletter, a few changes at Circuit Zolder.

That we have less days without noise restrictions is not that great, however we only have 40 riders on track at one time. Thanks to Circuit Zolder and the change in the internal structure at Motorsportschool Zolder, we made sure the price bump has stayed minimal. The fact that so many of you already registered shows us that this price change is acceptable for most of you. We would like to thank everyone for their loyalty and support.


At the registration for “free driving” we do not make a distinction between “fast” and “less fast”. However, it is important that you enter your laptime at Circuit Zolder during the registration. We will then devide who goes into “fast” or “less fast”. Riders who do not know their laptime at Circuit Zolder will automatically be put in “less fast”.


Our race calendar will be our by mid-January. We will keep organizing the Zolder Sprint Series and Zolder Short Endurance which each have 4 races. These races are always on Thursdays at Circuit Zolder.

We would like to wish everyone a great start of the new year and we hope to see you soon in March!


Kind regards


Hans Van de Ven & het MSZ-team